I Killed An Entire Village With A Newspaper In Hitman 2


The hitman 2 kill everyone challenge, but doing it only with a newspaper! It's really funny to kill everyone in the entire level, I've never done that in a Hitman game before. Enjoy these funny moments!
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    BREAKING NEWS! Like this video or I'll hit you with a newspaper!

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    hey jack

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    Jayden Butler

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    Jack can you give back to playing Hitman or something like that

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    Ahhh no not the newspaper lol

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    Yes Sir

  • Alijah Pyles
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    did anyone notice the Soviet Union flag 9:49

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    How did you not get a achievement😹😹😹😹😹

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  • Devin Wilson
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    He looks like lord Voldemort when he’s in the robe

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    Lol 10:46

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    'preciate ya

  • Jo jo
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    Hey jacksean ya so funny

    RUBERDUCKY 3000Degi Síðan síðan

    Jack:“News paper sniper tower” Me:where is the scope for the sniper?

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    Would be fun to have a mix between Hitman and Among Us!

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    I laughed so hard in this vid! I love your accent and your videos Sean! Make more!

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    Plz come check me out

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    My channel is gamedolf I do playthroughs of Mobile and soon PlayStation games

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    Hi guys I'm new in youtube

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    What Kind Of Modern Village Is This???

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    you make your own headlines I can see it now ¨PRESS FANATIC COSPLAYS AS THE MUFFIN MAN TO KILL HUNDREDS FOR HEADLINES¨

  • twistygrrl
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    the song playing at the party sang "Who gets the last laugh nnoooooowwwww!"

  • Mason Ngo
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    He has 3 legendary titles... THE SCREWDRIVER THE MUFFIN MAN THE NEWSBOY All those titles in one person and you got a person that is stronger than god himself

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    3:02 - see you LAYTOR

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    The muffining

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    Can you play among us

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    Breaking new it’s your neck 😵

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    "Guns are scary guns kill people!" says Jack as he carries around a newspaper with 40 people's souls inside.

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  • Gideon Opsahl
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    guns kill people as he drags a dead body

  • Mohab Gargoum
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    My ears when you said HE DABBED my ears hurts lol

  • Janco Swanepoel
    Janco Swanepoel11 dögum síðan

    Imagine taking a shot every time jack kills an innocent person

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    Did u know he has a fking bar code on the back of his head

  • TheClix Clan
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    the one worker in orange and black looks like naruto from naruto shippuden

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  • Michael Montalto
    Michael Montalto13 dögum síðan

    Not gonna lie, I'm really sad to see nobody watching my most recent doc :( Do you guys have any feedback for me? Was it just a poorly done video? Edit: Thanks for some of the feedback guys. I can understand for those of you just not interested in LoL content anymore, it's just frustrating to constantly see all the other LoL youtubers do so much better in viewership than me when I feel like I'm putting in just as much effort as anyone else. I just wanna understand how I can improve and get to the level of being a real person

  • anthony jimenez
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    jack: coughs everyone in 2020:OH SHIT UNSUBSCRIBE FUCK IM GETTING SICKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan Oyong
    Jonathan Oyong13 dögum síðan

    I kinda feel bad for the people out there who tried their best to tackle this mission. And then you just see Jack butchers the entire map with goddamn newspapers.

  • Sean Quinn
    Sean Quinn13 dögum síðan

    is there a bar code on the baldhead of the muffinman/the screwdriver/thepaperboi???

  • SoSo Juicy
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    Lets go the fucking cartoon sounds

  • Frederik Christensen
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    The trees are getting their revenge!!

  • Niqolis Pickar
    Niqolis Pickar14 dögum síðan

    jack: ''kills 45th person and puts them in the hole'' sewer workers: its raining body's hallelujah it's raining body's

  • Kristen&Pete Clarke
    Kristen&Pete Clarke14 dögum síðan

    5:39 why the hell do you have a barcode on your head

  • AdemIsBest -
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    I did the same thing but with the machete

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  • Mario Mäelt
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    watching Jack's videos makes me want to play videogames, but then again i don't want to play them without Jack's commentary-- and i just end up watching him play instead

  • WasabiPolarBear
    WasabiPolarBear15 dögum síðan

    I like to think that Jack forgot to snap one of the first victims neck and he just wakes up and he like "the fuck happened here"

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    XDDDDDDDDDDD best video in the world

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    Jacksepticeye dab momens😂(12:57)

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    22:07 omg what was that noise 😂😂😂

  • Adolf Hitler
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    Police: follow that bald guy Me:wait krillin or nappa or worse saitama?!

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    Captain Newspaper.

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    6:11 hear that voice crack

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  • DatWiseWolf


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    MESSAGE FROM 2020: Sean's got corona Virus. i said: woah with sarcasm

  • JonnyBoy
    JonnyBoy17 dögum síðan

    when he said he dabbed it scared the crap out of me

  • Cooper Dowdidle
    Cooper Dowdidle17 dögum síðan

    Imagine a cop shows up sees those dead people in the room, calls for backup find the whole neighborhood dead in closets and sewers

  • Heaux Mo
    Heaux Mo18 dögum síðan

    The editing makes the video much more entertaining. Good editing

  • Jeremy Lafsan
    Jeremy Lafsan18 dögum síðan

    I want a playthrough of this game

  • Dr. Jack Bright
    Dr. Jack Bright18 dögum síðan

    He did not realize there was someone else worth killing: Grandma

  • Jamslay Jean
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    10:38 different title screen

  • Willow Sanders
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    Life of a Paddy Fitzpatrick hitman

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    Best video ever seen😂😂

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    ' you think I am an arab' yes! The joke is that I was playing GTA 5 and simeon said you are a 'racist because you think I am an arab' and then Jack said yes

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    00:55 thank god this vid was not made in 2020

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    20:32 LMAO

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    Buzzfeed unsolved: true crime presents The news paper murders of october 26, 2019

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    How do I say this? Just... 5:12

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    Play hitman 3 when it comes out

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    BREAKING NEWS!! he can break your face with a breaking news

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    Is there a barcode on the back of the Hitman's head?

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    I can't believe this video was made a year ago now

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    Mess them up

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    This is like hit man

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    Rip World

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    A natureza é maravilhosa

  • Nathan Clark
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    I feel like this could easily be a silly horror movie. The tagline: "Extra, extra.... DIE all about it!'

  • Gabriele Rubino
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    Jacksepticeye:Also I’m very sick People in 2020 be like: ohh hell no

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    1:25 So funny

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    Yes theirs more ppl

  • Tevin S.
    Tevin S.22 dögum síðan

    Jack: *Places 2 people In the incinerator* Also Jack: “That’ll make some fine cakes.” ISsofts HQ: “You’re begging for demonetization, huh?”

  • Pankaj Shukla
    Pankaj Shukla22 dögum síðan

    7:35 (timestamp) Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shah reference

  • Pankaj Shukla

    Pankaj Shukla

    22 dögum síðan

    Not 7:35, 7:25 is it

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    ya know how i go to sleep i take 500mg of pills

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    Bedbananas flashbacks.

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    5:08 Lord I wanna see this in real life

  • Ty Tyler
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    This like among us. I saw the hit men walk away from the body

  • mike boss
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    12:55 HE DABBED

  • Karlin Tucker
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    y r the sewers steeming is t because they ate ceder plank salmon or steaming stew or hot cocoa or coffee or tea or steamed ninja turles or steamed penywise

  • Evil Toad
    Evil Toad25 dögum síðan

    You didn't kill the one lady with a newspaper, you just tossed your screwdriver into her skull

  • TheSilentMerc 31
    TheSilentMerc 3126 dögum síðan

    "I can kill people with muffins. I COULD BECOME THE MUFFIN MAN!" I guess that's why I always see muffins flying in my room. ;)

  • crazykids 200
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    Of course paper boy and the muffin man

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    I died laughing the entire time rofl

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    Me in 2020 watches video you say your sick ma corona virus

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    Tomorrow's paper will have a lot of obituaries :)

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    Live action Among Us

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    Special delivery

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    Erase the in Hitman 2 part and that's how a serial killer brags

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    hello time traveler

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    "She's married to the muffin man?"